Photo Prints, Matching, Black and White 315 x 400mm appr

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This is a set of  what appears to be TWO black-and-white reprints of old photos, dull in appearance,  one in the style of the illustrations which usually accompany Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer novels, and the other appears to be a mother and her young daughter in the kitchen. Both carry the same signature, which is unfamiliar to myself, and my research came to nothing. The prints are framed, with clear Perspex type sheets in front.  They would be suitable for a young child’s room.

The two photos are for sale as a “pair”.

CONDITION:  There may be a small chip of brown paint missing here or there, nothing serious, the frames are in reasonable condition.

The frame size for each is about 400mm high and 315mm wide. Long sides are vertical on both.

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