MEGGER Sentinel Solid State Mains Voltage Recorder

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MEGGER  “Sentinel”  Solid State Mains Voltage Recorder for 240 volt Mains

This device has been in storage with its internal Nickel Cadmium battery having corroded.  It is sold in AS-IS condition. The corrosion seems to have been limited to the battery, the plate and screws securing the battery, and a connector on the PC board.  It will need a new battery, and also the steel battery holding plate, the four mounting screws for that plate, will need a clean, and both sides of that multi-pin PC Board connector will need to be cleaned or replaced.  The cabinet is coated internally with a black conductive paint of some kind, and a portion of that coating has peeled off. The contact fingers to that coating from the PC board, had a slight green coat of corrosion, most of which has been cleaned off.

I think that a couple of hours attending to the above should make it work.

A Megger brand collector may like it for a collection.

I didn’t see a model number marked anywhere.

It is a portable unit, but is a little weighty. 5 Kg Packed is my estimate… I have removed the corroded parts except for that connector male and female, and the parts will be sent with the unit in separate plastic bags within the package. One rubber foot is in the package, three missing. They can be easily made, they are just flat rectangles of rubber.

It was made by THORN-EMI in Dover, Kent, UK.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions400 × 270 × 200 mm


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