MAD MAGAZINE -Australian Collectors Edition 1996

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“The Aliens are here !  – X-Files, Sci-fi and other Space Junk. ”

Australian Special Collector’s Edition. 1996.

“Clod Encounters of the Absurd Kind”,   “One Thursday Afternoon on the Moon”,

“Q.T. – The Quasi-Terrestrial”,  “E.T.”,  “ARFul”,  “A MAD Look at U.F.O.s”,  “Cattle Car Galaxica”,    “If Extraterrestrials Came to Earth Today”,  “Invasion of the Booty Snatchers”,  “A Space Alien’s Date Book”,  “Predecessor”,  “Celebrities in Space”,  “The X-Files Out-Takes”,  “Shmork and Windy”,  “The Alarming Alien Atrocity”,  “Unsolved Miseries”,  and MORE !

CONDITION: GOOD – The rear-cover foldup has the two creases as you would expect.


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