MAD MAGAZINE Aust.-The 1996 Olympics #345 (July)

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“The Official UNOFFICIAL Magazine of the 1996 Olympics.”

“Letters and Tomatoes Department”, “Greed is the Word Department”

“Joke and Dagger Department”,  “Serge-In General Department”,

“The Agony of De-Feet Department”,  “While the Cat’s Away Device Will Play Dept.”,

“Tales From the Duck Side Department”,  “Taking the Wind out of their Sales Dept”,

“We’re Here, We’re Queries, Get Used to it Dept.”,  “Spoof, Justice, and the American Way Dept.”,

“Beast Meets Department”,  “Beach and Moan Department”, “Berg’s- Eye View Dept”,

“Catholic-Tic Converter Department”,  “De-Ja Preview Department”,

“Well, Dud Department”,    and MORE !

CONDITION:  Good. The back cover has been folded to check out the “MAD Fold-In”, leaving two creases.


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