A Short History of Australia – Manning Clark – Penguin Books

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MANNING CLARK – A Short History of AUSTRALIA – Revised Illustrated Edition c.1986

This is a Penguin book, a revised edition which has lots of old photos.

Chapter titles include:  Coming of the Aborigine and the White Man, Convicts and Settlers 1788-1809,  The Age of Macquarie 1810-1821,  The Transition 1821-1831,  Immigrants and Squatters 1831-1842,  Politics and Culture 1843 – 1851,  Gold 1851-1861,  The Age of the Bourgeoisie 1861-1883,  Radicals and Nationalists 1883-1901,  The Age of the Optimists 1901-1919,   The Survivors 1919-1941,  Between Two Worlds 1941-1969,  An Age of Ruins 1969-1986.

CONDITION:  OK. It’s a glossy-covered softback. Paper quality is pretty good.


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